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Monday, July 13, 2020

10 Savvy Money Saving Grocery TIps!

Everyone likes to save money right?
After all, as Benjamin Franklin wrote "A penny saved is a penny earned!"
This post has a few Money Saving tips that I use to help stretch my budget, as well as links to some other savvy  money saving posts that may interest you.
How do you save money on groceries? Please drop a note in the comments below and share your savvy money saving grocery tips!

My Top 10 Savvy Money Saving Grocery Tips

  1. Grow your groceries! Stretch your grocery budget by planting those green onions, beets and carrots you brought home from the store. You can do this inside your home or on a balcony.
  2. Pray for guidance. No, I am not kidding! God promises -"I know the plans I have for you.Plans to prosper you and not harm you." Ask Him to lead you to what He wants to do and buy. Amazing things will happen when you do!
  3. Read labels. Get the most nutrition for your money. Yes, milk from the dairy section may appear to be cheaper than evaporated milk, but when you compare the nutritional value - which is the better buy? Which is cheaper to store and which is cheaper to transport?
  4. Make your own groceries. Many home made foods are nutritionally better for us and also cheaper - but not always, so be sure to read those labels!
  5. Do an inventory before you shop so you don't have a zillion bottles of mustard about to expire in your cupboard.
  6. Switch to cloth for as many paper products as possible - yes even toilet paper. This is a new epiphany for me due to the COVID-19 crisis. I used cloth diapers for my children, so why did I not think of this earlier? 
  7. Reuse grocery packaging - juice cartons make handy containers for growing your green onions!
  8. Plan your meals around sale items.
  9. Use spices creatively to add flavour to vegetable soups. 
  10. Cook once, serve multiple ways. 
Looking for more Savvy Money Saving Tips for your grocery budget?
Check out these lists from more savvy mums.
Have a wonderful day full of wonders,

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