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Friday, February 26, 2021

God Hears Cry From USA Mom! - Praise Report

God Cares For Your Cares!

There is a lovely hymn a friend of mine sings:
"He knows your name!
He knows your every thought!
He knows your name!
And He hears you when you cry!"
This post shares the testimony of a mother from the United States who had an ache in her heart; a desire to try to find preschool materials for her child that were based on Christian truth. Read on to find out what happened when she took her burden and laid it before the Lord. Do You have a praise report?
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Valerie McLintock Gives God Glory in her Christian Preschool Printables Story

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How Valerie McClintock Found Her Calling

Here is Valeries story in her own words:
 In 2006 I was faced with putting my first child into preschool and I was still in school myself! (UofO...Go Ducks!) The cost of a Christian preschool program was completely out of our budget, so I decided to search around online to see what I could find for free. 
 Now (way) back then, there wasn't Pinterest, or Facebook, or any of the resources we use today to find teaching resources, and there certainly wasn't much in the way of Christian teaching resources. I was disappointed. 
Then out of nowhere (read: Holy Spirit), a thought popped into my head. Why don't I make my own resources? Why don't I share those resources with my friends? Why don't I share those resources with others who might need them? Why don't I start a website dedicated to sharing FREE Christian Preschool resources? 
And you know what? I just sat there staring at my computer screen and prayed. 
 Father. Really? I know nothing of computers. Or websites. And God, I'm really tired. I'm like 8 months pregnant. And I'm really tired. And even if I weren't, life is really crazy for me right now! Like loony-bin crazy right now. Maybe I should pour my attention into solving those problems. The ones that concern me the most. The big ones. Maybe I'm just being silly, and dramatic with this website business. 
 But as the day went on, I felt the pull, and that night (instead of doing my psychology homework) I started researching how to build and create a website. And after a month of prayer, I (secretly) launched my first website. 
 There was still so much doubt in my much hope and so much fear of failure that I didn't want anyone to know what I was up to, just in case it bombed. But He made sure to bless His plan, and people started to visit our website. 
One year later He wrapped his arms of protection around me when I (fearfully) posted my own testimony online. And while that was written so many years ago, and life has gone up and down in all areas, my faith still remains in a Good, and Amazing Creator. 
 Years later, and Christian Preschool Printables is nearing 20 Million visitors. Amazing!! People from all over the world are using our resources, and a majority of those are in real NEED for free Christian resources. 
 It has been a hundred-fold blessing to receive emails from missionaries and outreach groups who have successfully used our printables during their life-saving trips. God is so good.
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Do you have a praise report of how God helped you too? 
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