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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse - Warriors Share Your Victories

How Can People Emerge Victorious From Childhood Sexual Abuse?

There are few people who do not know someone that has not been sexually abused as a child. Statistics show that one in five girls and one in twenty boys have been sexually abused. Some believe that number is low because they don't know how many people have not reported their childhood abuse to those bean counters.
Don't say you don't know someone who has been through that battle. You might be surprised. Since you're reading this blog, you've just met one. 
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How can people successfully survive childhood sexual abuse? For each person, their healing path is different. This post has a few things that helped me deal with not only what was done to me, but suicidal thoughts one of the side effects that came from my abuse. Who knows, perhaps some of these things will help you or someone you know too.

Removing Suicidal Thought Cycles - Change Your Mind Change Your Life  

Removing Suicidal Thoughts - Word Choice Changes Things

 The power of life and death lay in the tongue. 
 One factor in getting rid of suicidal blues was to choose to see myself as a survivor. I detest the word victim. Everyone is different, but for me, the word survivor strengthens me.  I  then found other words worked even better for me - overcomer, and champion. The word overcomer puts me above and beyond the battle.

Removing Suicidal Thoughts - Choosing to Forgive 

"We do not fight people, but powers and principalities."
If an evil spirit could even overwhelm Peter on whom Christ said He would build His churchan evil spirit could come on anyone - I reasoned. Seeing true stories of people who successfully help fight those powers and principalities today like ret. NYPD Sergeant Ralph Sarchie reinforced my belief in this scripture.
 Choosing how I perceived others who abused me (even in the midst of multiple rapes I endured as an adult) gave me compassion for my abusers. This helped me forgive and continually pray for their sanity to be restored. 

Removing Suicidal Thought Cycles - Hearing Other Overcomers

Something else that helped me overcome suicidal thoughts was hearing how others survived and moved on with their lives to thrive and help pull others through too.
One person who shares parts of her childhood sexual abuse survival story is Joyce Meyer. Here is a video clip of Joyce sharing a bit from her victorious journey.

Removing Suicidal Thought Cycles - Getting Rid of False Comforts

You've probably seen movie scenes where people have a drink or eat a tub of ice cream when they're down? Sugar and sweets used to be my go-to source of comfort. Little did I know, but these "treats" just made things worse! Sugar is a depressant! 
Here's a little clip that shows what sugar does to our brain.

The body requires lots of water to get rid of sugar and searches everywhere to get enough water to flush it out of our system. It robs our brain of liquid and then the chemicals that actually do help us feel better cannot flow smoothly between the synapses! 
But why was I craving sugar?
"The Yeast Connection" by William G. Crook M.D. was put across my path, This book answered a lot of questions. A yeast infection in my gut was causing my sugar cravings! Did you know yeast in your gut can even turn fruit into alcohol in your gut? When I burped alcohol after eating ripe papaya. I could not deny what my body was doing. I was getting drunk on "healthy" food! 
With God's help, I  was led to change my diet in the ways recommended in The Yeast Connection. Wow! What a difference it made in my life.
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