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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Discovering Cuddle Clones

Do You Care About Homeless Pets Too?

 Yesterday I was led to discover a company that really shows they care for homeless pets by using a portion of each sale to donate food to small shelters. I was absolutely amazed at the products they make and applied right away for the privilege of being an affiliate with their company. Actually, I was so impressed with what they do that I shared their company on the phone with someone before I was even approved as an affiliate! 
When you see what they do, I'm sure you will also be equally impressed.
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Cuddle Clones Gives Food to Pets Without Homes!

Cuddle Clones not only creates amazing replicas of pets but also gives food to small shelters with each purchase from their website! Do you have a small shelter you wish to nominate? Great! They want to hear from you! 
Wait till you see some of the custom work that they do!
Here are just two examples from the ample list of satisfied customers on their website:

Plush Cuddle Clone - Moose the Pug

Moose the Pug's owner got thousands of upvotes on the post they wrote when they shared the picture of Moose the Pug with his plush Cuddle Clone pictured above. What's amazing is they not only recreated the Moose the Pug but also his clothes! 
Each plush cuddle clone purchase feeds 20 shelter pets waiting for homes.
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Cuddle Clone Figurine - Jack 

Jack's owner was extremely pleased with the quality of the figurine she received from Cuddle Clones. They not only reproduced her sweet Shitzu, but the little sweater and coat her sweet Jack once wore too! Cuddle Clones custom figurines are reproduced in full-colour sandstone. Cuddle Clone stone figurines are 4 inches by 3 inches. 
Each custom Cuddle Clone figurine purchase feeds 11  shelter pets awaiting homes.
image shows Jack being held in his mum's loving arms wearing his sweater and coat beside a photo of his detailed memorial figurine
Explore more Custom Cuddle Clone Figurines Here

Cuddle Clones Offers Many Custom Pet Products

Cuddle Clones offers a wide variety of products that you can customize with your pet's photo choose from:

Cuddles Clones recreates all kinds of pets. Their satisfied customers include people with horses, birds, frogs, rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs too. 
Custom Cuddle Clone plush pets a uniquely coloured cat with half the face ginger and the other half black laying beside its cuddle clone, a cockatiel pictured beside its custom Cuddle Clone, a dapple grey horse pictured with its Cuddle Clone
Click to Explore the Cuddle Clone Plush Pets Gallery

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